Messina Designs

Designer Cara Messina saw an opportunity to do something that she loved and share this passion with everyone. Established in 2009, Messina Designs is a label that prides itself on sophistication, current fashion trends, and immaculate styling.

Historic and era inspired designs with a modern color palette and fabric selection. Designer Cara Messina’s signature feminine details- with a modern edge- showcases a new range of garments including ready to wear, cocktail and unique hand crafted millinery and hair pieces. Her designs are all made in Melbourne, Australia and all fabrics are sourced from vintage and commercial fabric shops in Australia. “As a designer I am always experimenting with new and different tailoring and draping techniques” Messina also enjoys working with a range of different untraditional materials such as couture hand sewn fabrics, as well as more conventional variety.

Messina Designs' Charity of Choice:
Kidney Health Australia

Why did you choose this charity/what does it mean to you?
I choose Kidney Health Australia because it is a charity very close to my heart. I lost one of my kidneys at the age of seven, due to Kidney disease. In Australia, one in three adults is at an increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease.